Terex Ecotec TTS 518T




引擎馬力 CAT C2.2 74HP Stage V / Tier 4 Final (Dual Certified) / CAT C2.2 55kW Stage V / Tier 4 Final (Dual Certified)
篩桶直徑/長度 1.8m x 4.7m
輸出量 每小時50-60噸
機身重量  18,000kg
機身長寬高 9.8m x 2.9m x 3.4m


Ecotec 的 TTS 518T 履帶式滾筒篩搭載高效的發動機和液壓驅動系統,結合先進的材料加工控制系統,可提供最大的產量和最佳成本。 它非常適合篩選堆肥、生物質、土壤、礫石和垃圾。有別於TTS620,TTS 518T 的總篩選面積為 23 平方米,搭配一個 1.8 m x 4.7 m的螺旋滾筒。 通過 180 度打開側門的雙面滾筒訪問,可以輕鬆進行維護和更換滾筒。 


Ecotec’s TTS 518T Tracked Trommel Screen shares the same intuitive control system and ‘push to start’ buttons used on the TTS 620, allowing the operator to effortlessly configure the machine to suit the required application. The intelligent feed control system continually monitors the machine adjusting the feeder speed to optimise screening performance and throughput.  Being driven at the head, the feeder provides an excellent and continuous feed rate, reducing slippage in difficult applications.  The feeder has also been designed as a slide out cassette which allows for easy maintenance and quick and simple belt changing.  The clear tunnel area underneath the feeder prevents material build up and allows any material in this area to drop directly onto the ground. Providing a total screening area of 23m² the TTS 518T is fitted with a 1.8m x 4.7m horizontal drum with spiral design. With double-sided drum access via 180 degrees opening side doors, maintenance and drum changes can be carried out with ease.